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You earned those stripes, now get them back!

Former military personnel are a vital asset through demonstrating core leadership, discipline and attention to detail skills that underly every cadet's experience.  As an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, these core skills play an integral part in the development of all cadets, should they choose a life serving within the U.S. Armed Forces or not.

Noncommissioned Officers of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are valuable assets to the missions of Civil Air Patrol.  Every AFSC, MOS or NEC has some application within the three core Programs of Civil Air Patrol:



  • Aerospace Education
  • Cadet Programs
  • Emergency Services  

If you have a current military ID card, DD-214, promotion or other official order indicating your rank Civil Air Patrol can put stripes back on your sleeves.

NCO Ranks

Military Grade

CAP Rank

CAP Rank Insignia

E-4 or E-5

Staff Sergeant



Technical Sergeant



Master Sergeant

Master Sergeant.jpg


Senior Master Sergeant



Chief Master Sergeant



Civil Air Patrol NCOs are predominantly Military Veteran NCO and Staff NCOs, having transferred their initial CAP rank in the Air ForceArmyNavyMarine CorpsCoast GuardReserves or National Guard.  Others are welcome to join Civil Air Patrol as Senior Members and may elect to begin training for CAP officer grades.

Civil Air Patrol NCOs can do any job in CAP, including pilot if qualified, with the single exception of command.  CAP NCOs are the professional trainers, technicians, managers, planners, superintendents and leaders that push to successfully complete the missions assigned.

As within the U.S. Armed Forces, NCOs are considered the backbone their respective branches, so too in Civil Air Patrol, do the men and women who make up the CAP NCO Corps provide the framework upon which success is built.

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